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Freshly milled heritage flours, artisanal baking methods and natural organic ingredients all come together in our delicious baked goods.  At Heritage Bakers we specialize in the use of organic, heirloom whole wheat flour as the main ingredient in many of our products.  We couple these flours with quality ingredients like organic eggs, milk, butter and cream for a truly wholesome product. Crusty, airy breads, buttery pastries, sweet and savory treats all bring you back to the days of traditional baking.   One taste and you will see that the flour we use is more flavorful than any other on the market.  


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Heritage Bakers is an artisanal bakery that uses heirloom wheat as the main ingredient in it's products.  Our flours are made from the type of nutritionally robust whole wheat that was used prior to the 1950's when hybridization and widespread use of chemical sprays and fertilizers became common.  We use organic, all-natural products like butter, milk, cream and fresh eggs whenever possible.   Why all the extra effort that goes into a traditionally made, hand rolled product?   Well, the journey began when we started our own family. Finding healthy, nutritious food that we felt confident feeding to them became challenging & when we looked closely, most “healthy” products didn’t truly meet our expectations.  We decided to do it ourselves, seeking out healthy ingredients that produced a quality product.  The bonus?  All those amazing ingredients yield bread and bakery products with wonderful flavors and textures


David Shalam is the founder and head baker at Heritage Bakers.  He is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in NYC and holds an MBA from Hofstra University.  David is married to his college sweetheart Debbie, lives on Long Island and has three children, Ethan, Daniel, and Sadie.



We used to bake out of the Calverton Business Incubator Kitchen in Eastern Long Island, but recently we moved into our new home in Garvies Point,       Glen Cove.  For more information and recent updates, connect with me on Facebook or Instagram, or send us an email at

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