“The bread was delicious! Tried it with almond butter for breakfast and turkey for lunch...thumbs up!!”


~ Janine, Muttontown ~

“Hi David, I wanted to let you know how much we loved the sliced bread you gave me. We would love to buy more form you, also a few other items… Thank you”


~ Shamma @ Whole Foods Market, Lake Grove ~

“Hi Dave, I met you in front of the Whole Foods 2 weeks ago and bought some popovers from you and your wife. They are the best I have ever tasted. How can I buy some more from you?...”


~ John @ Jericho Whole Foods ~

“Hey David, Popovers are ridiculous- I could eat them all day. The cholocate croissants were fantastic - so were the plain... good buttery taste, flaky, danm fine! The caramels were pretty awesome, if you can jar that stuff up, I'm the first on line”


~ David, Northport, Long Island ~

“The rye bread was the best we've ever tasted! Perfect texture and amazing caraway flavor. Froze the unused portion and used it a week later - tasted just out of the oven fresh. AMAZING! Looking forward to our next tasting”


~ Jim & Edna, Saugerties, New York ~

“We LOVED your sliced bread and scones. Hope to see you at the market again on Tuesday...”


~ Laura @ Garden City LI Market ~

"My name is Chris.  We met this past Tuesday at the farmers market in Garden City... you sold me some (awesome) bread along with a couple other things. The half loaf is amazing and I love it. The texture is great, its not falling apart, and although I thought the thickness would be an issue... it isn't! The flavor is rich with a wheaty taste thats not over powering. Its nice and fluffy still - been keeping it in the fridge and making almond butter sandwiches with fresh blueberries from the market. This is some damn good bread! Also loving the fact it is quality over quantity, non-gmo, all that jazz. Thank you making my day that much better when it comes to a quick meal. I will only be buying bread from Heritage from now on. See you soon, take care and be well!

The Cinnamon Raisin Bread is out of this world... Amazing. Keep making that (so my mom can eat healthy) cinnamon raisin bread!"

                                                                      ~ Chris @ Garden City Farmer's Market  ~

 "Hi David, We got 2 scones and popovers at Jericho Whole Foods today. We absolutely love them all and can't wait to get more.  We had blueberry and chocolate chips. I usually don't buy chocolate chip scones because they are too sweet for me. My daughter wanted to try your chocolate chip scone and it was just great.  Not too sweet at all and just delicious."


                                                                                 ~ Julia @ Jericho Whole Foods ~


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